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Epona Equestrian Center

The Specifics
Venue: Epona Equine, 4228 Springhill Community Road, Belgrade, MT 59714
Date: September 9th 2012
Time: Horses should be tacked and rarin' to go by 9:30AM.
Course: More than 12-miles of rolling countryside
Prizes: Yes - lots of really neat stuff!
Fee: $40 (includes lunch)  Riders may pay by check or cash either in advance or on the day.  Paying in advance secures a place!!!
Places will be limited and are going fast!!!
Registration: 1.CLICK HERE to register online or...
2. Call Connie at 406.388.8011 or 406.580.8165 or...
3. Register on the day of the event.  We cannot guarantee there will 
    space available if you wait till the day of the event.

The Classes
Riders compete in teams of at least two riders with a maximum of five riders per team.  Each team must declare before the race the category in which that team will compete, (Hunter or Hill Topper). Before the event Connie Sparks will ride the course twice; once as a Hunter and once as a Hill Topper. She will time each ride to set a course time.  The course times will not be shared with anyone else prior to the event.

The Hunters will try to match the set course time as he/she follows the hounds at a walk, trot or canter/lope and then chases a fox at a canter or a gallop. There might be four or five foxes sighted and pursued. The team with the nearest time to set course time wins 1st prize!

The Hill Toppers will try to match the set course time as a spectator of the hunt. Hill Toppers travel at a far more leisurely pace that the Hunters but might include walking, trotting, cantering/loping and maybe galloping.  A Hill Topper's pace is as fast or as leisurely as the rider wants it to be - including "I don't care about competing - I'm just here for the ride, the fresh air and the fun".  (We welcome these guys!)  Again, the team with the nearest time to set course time wins 1st prize!

The Rules 
~ALL riders MUST wear a helmet.
~Proof of current negative Coggins and Proof of Vacination for each horse.
~All riders MUST be 12-years and older. Riders 12 to 17 will need a legal guardian
   to sign liability waiver.
~All riders MUST read and sign a liability waiver prior to riding.  (Click Here for Waiver)

The Sponsors

Armitage Electric Inc. Solar Wranglers LLC  Timber Line Ranch    
Kasting, Kauffman & Mersen PC


Education and Care for Equines and Equestrians at all Ages and all Stages.

For information, call Connie Sparks 406.388.8011 or 406.580.8165  or email info@eponaequine.com

4228 Springhill Community Rd, Belgrade MT  59714

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