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Why our riders, parents, and Students Love Epona Equine

Epona Equine is my home away from home.  I never had a horse growing up, and Iím reliving my childhood with all the kids at Epona.  Iím just as excited about bringing home ribbons from the shows as they are, or dressing up my horse for a Halloween parade.  Connie is an excellent trainer, and I feel that both my horse and me have made tremendous progress with her.  I really enjoy my riding lessons.  I never worry about my horses when Iím not there, because I know they are in excellent care.  At Epona, I have witnessed how all the kids learn more than just how to ride; they also are instilled with a maturity and confidence that is remarkable for someone their age.                      
                                                       Amy Waring, boarder 

Epona is the best thing we have invested in for our daughter, Hannah.  Not only does she love riding
and spending time with the horses, she has developed a great work ethic and sense of responsibility as a result of the chores she does at the barn.  The camaraderie and friendships she has built with the other girls are wonderful.  At Epona, Hannah has learned there is much is much more involved in horsemanship than just learning to ride.   If she had her way, she'd stay at the barn all of the time. 
                                                        Roper Green, father of Hannah, age 6

I like coming to the ranch because Connie has taught me how to ride and she makes the lessons really fun.  And I also like going on the cross county course and going to shows.  Also, because of YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU & YOU !!!!  
                                                       Cassie Young, student, age 12 

I don't even have to think about that!! I can name 10 things off the top of my head!!!
                                                        Morgan D'Agostino, student, age 9

I like to go to Epona equestrian center because it is fun making new friends and playing with old friends, human and horse alike. Connie and Cindy, my instructors, teach me a lot in and out of the saddle.  They have taught me things about life that I don't think I could have learned any where else. When I first started going to Epona I was in it just for the horses, but now even if we don't ride I want to be their every moment I can spare. Epona is like a second family to me and I would be very sad if I ever had to leave it. 
                                                         Krystyna Nelson, student, age 13

I love everything about the barn, even the cleaning.
                                                         Hannah Green, student, age 6          

I like Epona because its like one big family. Everyone works together and everyone plays together.  It's a great place to have fun and learn about horses.  I wish that I had a place like Epona when I was little.
                                                          Tricia Spence, student, age 16     

I like going to the barn because I like handing out with all of my friends and being able to be with all the horses out at the ranch.
                                                          Sara Livingston, student, age 13

I like to go to Epona because I like to ride horses and take care of them.  I like Connie and Cindy and  have lots of friends there.
                                                           Sophie Livingston, student, age 9

I love going to Epona Equine because I learn A LOT and I always have a BLAST when I go. Connie teaches me something new every time I go to Epona. I started riding with Connie in November and I feel she has given me the tools I need to become the best I can be. My love for horses and the people who love horses has grown to a much higher level of love and understanding.  When we arrive at Epona, everyone is always wearing a smile on their face and they are all so nice and friendly. Epona has taught me many things about horses and about life in general.
                                                            Katie Holland, student, age 14

Few young girls escape childhood without the developmental need for a relationship with a horse or pony in their lives.  My daughter is no exception.  Even fewer horse facilities understand the importance of the child/horse bond enough to support and nurture the relationship.  Psychologically speaking, especially for girls, a child's desire for this bond is often a sign that something is missing in their life whether it is a parent, a special bond that's been broken or an outlet for energy or emotion.

Connie Sparks and The Epona Equestrian Center recognize and work hard to fulfill this dire need within our community.  Horse have become exceedingly difficult for young girls to attain or spend time with as a result of progress and economics.  Many horse facilities in the area recognize the money to be made from serving the financially endowed horse owner, denying the majority of this community's young girls the fulfillment of a fundamental need due to economic disadvantage.

When children spend quality time loving and caring for horses at Epona they gain important live long skills such as self reliance, self confidence, respect, excellent work ethic, compassion, empathy, responsibility, good sportsmanship, and amazing athletic ability.  These kids are considering their futures and learning about equine science programs and veterinary science programs as well as setting lifelong goals for themselves.

Epona is the magic we all wish for our children, a safe place where children can romp and roam when the work is done.  Grownups reminisce about childhood days gone by and freedom and self reliance not available to our young ones today; it's alive and well at Epona.  My daughter will be a better person, mother, wife, and employee because of her experiences here.

We tried several local area programs and have visited other stables in the area that offer lessons.  Not only were they far more expensive than I could afford, more importantly they offered little or no time outside of the lesson for bonding with and taking care of the animals.  I'm ashamed to admit my daughter almost grew up before we found Connie and Epona.  Now my daughter experiences the give and take in relationships with horses that help prepare her for adult life.  Horses are not an indulgence, they are therapy.  The magic between horse and child is first love.
                                                              Colette Nelson, mother of Krystana, age 13


Education and Care for Equines and Equestrians at all Ages and all Stages.

For information, call Connie Sparks 406.388.8011 or 406.580.8165  or email info@eponaequine.com

4228 Springhill Community Rd, Belgrade MT  59714

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